Choose the Invacare Platinum Mobile Oxygen Concentrator with Connectivity

Easy to Use

Large buttons and a simple, intuitive user interface help you operate your Platinum Mobile Oxygen Concentrator with utmost ease.

Stylish 3-Way Convertible Bag

Convertible to backpack, messenger or purse style so you can match your bag to your occasion.

Long Battery Time

Enjoy your day with the comfort of up to 10 hours* of oxygen so you can keep going worry-free.

Made in the U.S.A.

The Invacare Platinum Mobile Oxygen Concentrator is proudly manufactured at Invacare’s Respiratory Center of Excellence in Sanford, Florida.

Product Specifications


No Oxygen Interruption

Up to 10 hours* of oxygen.

The Platinum Mobile Oxygen Concentrator’s “Hot swap” capability lets you change or add batteries from the top without shutting down oxygen supply or removing the unit from the bag.

*with two batteries

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Quiet and Discreet

Let your portable oxygen concentrator blend into the background.

Your Piccolo O2 App conveniently replicates your portable oxygen concentrator’s display on your phone screen, even when your portable oxygen concentrator is out of sight.

Easy-to-Use App

Available at no charge.

Your handy Piccolo O2 App shows you battery time remaining in hours and minutes so you can go your own way with confidence.

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3 Easy Steps to Order

Step #1


Call 1-877-262-6303 and a Respiratory Care Coordinator will get you started by getting information from you or your caregiver.

Step #2


We work with your doctor to get your prescription. Once we have your proper paperwork, we collect your payment and ship out the Platinum Mobile Oxygen Concentrator.

Step #3


Once you receive the Platinum Mobile Oxygen Concentrator, we will help you set-up the unit and download the free Piccolo O2 App for your mobile phone so you can GO YOUR OWN WAY.